Packarna i Skåne AB is a private owned company with head office in Sjöbo in the southern part of Sweden and was founded the 1 st of February 1998.
The company's business concept consists of executing various types of contract packing operations. This means that we do not have any own brands or products and those we are a service company offering different services to our customers. Our services mainly consist of executing packing of customer's products in different shapes of packages. The packages contain volumes from 0,5 g and up to 2 kg . The products are after the packing returned to the customers who take care of marketing, sales and distribution.
The operations executed are with different characters; from needlework, where the customer supplies with what is needed for the operation, to qualified packaging solutions demanding special skills, knowledge and machinery. We also develop packaging solutions and acquire raw material upon request.
We mainly operate within the Swedish food sector with belonging permission from the National Food Administration and with Swedish, Nordic and international companies as our customers. Since 2009 we are also contract packing medicine with belonging permission from the National Drug Administration.
We at Packarna i Skåne AB always put the customer in the middle and focus our activities on giving the customer the best possible service and assistance.